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Gilbert, AZ

January 18, 2013
New Home Office Deduction for 2013

Tax Preparation for a home office deduction just got a little easier: The Internal Revenue Service has announced that for 2013 a simplified method for claiming the home office deduction will be available. The IRS’ goal is to reduce the paperwork and time involved for CPAs, tax preparers,[…]

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October 12, 2012
Financial Statements

Financial statements play a key role in identifying opportunities within a business.  Understanding how money is flowing in and out of an organization is one of the most basic concepts there is, however it is often overlooked by small business owners.  To illustrate this point I will use an example[…]

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October 12, 2012
Why hire a bookkeeper?

When an individual starts a small business they usually do everything.  They are responsible for marketing, operations, accounting, legal and anything else that you can think of.  Unfortunately unless you are a marketing guru, CPA, attorney and operations wizard all rolled into one this arrangement can become difficult.[…]

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