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Individual Taxes

At Schneider & Stone we strive to provide the same high level of service to all of our Individual Income tax clients, regardless of the complexity of the return. We take pride in maintaining a high level of education and awareness of tax law so that we can provide excellent planning and advice to all of our clients.

Services Offered

  • Year-End Taxes –  Our firm is capable of handling the most basic to some of the most complicated tax returns. Learn more now
  • Tax Planning – It is a common misconception that tax planning is only for the wealthy. There are actually many options in the tax code that when properly planned for can assist clients in tax minimization and proper positioning for the next year. Learn more now
  • Tax Mitigation – Unfortunately there are situations where individuals fall behind on their taxes, or get audited. Schneider & Stone has the experience to handle and assist with tax problems. Learn more now
  • Back Taxes Assistance – Financial difficulties occur, and unfortunately when problems arise sometimes people fail to file their taxes. This can create a major stressor and problem in peoples’ lives. We can help! Learn more now
  • Audit Support – Audits happen, sometimes at random and sometimes because of red flags. If you get audited, you don’t have to do it alone. Schneider & Stone can represent you, we can take over your situation and help you resolve it. Learn more now

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