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Year-End Individual Taxes

At Schneider & Stone, we provide excellent service to all of our individual income tax clients. The firm pays the same great attention to detail, whether your income tax situation is simple or complex.

Income tax planning is the key to successfully minimizing your income taxes.  Of course, we prepare your income tax returns to comply with federal and state regulations.  However, we also strive to legally reduce your income tax burden in the current year as well as advise you to reduce future years’ income taxes.

Strong Client Relationships Throughout the Year

At Schneider & Stone, PLC we build a relationship that you can count on.  Every return is either prepared or reviewed by a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).  Additionally, we guarantee that you will meet with either a CPA or an EA (Enrolled Agent) to discuss your income taxes.  Our job is not over when your tax return is completed.  Feel free to contact us throughout the year with questions.  In fact, we encourage communication throughout the year so that we can better serve you.

Quick Turnaround

Our goal is to make your income tax filing a simple and quick process. In fact, depending upon the complexity of your return, we can often provide same day service.

If your return is more complex, it is our goal to complete your return within one week of receiving the required information from you.

Affordable Fee Structure

We provide top quality professional service at a price that beats our competitors.

The Individual Income Tax Process

To ensure exceptional service your tax preparation experience will begin with a in-depth tax interview with one of our tax professionals. Your tax professional will learn as much as possible about you and your family’s tax situation, and also will answer any questions you may have. Once completed you will be provided either a list of missing items, or a pick up date for your tax return. At this time you can leave knowing your tax return will be completed by skilled professionals.

Next the tax return will be processed by a skilled individual. All the information will be placed on your tax return, and the return will be checked for accuracy. At this point the return will proceed through the quality control section of our firm where ultimately it will be reviewed by a certified public accountant. We take the extra time to complete these steps to minimize errors and assure you that your return is completed accurately.

Once this is completed your return will be printed, bound, and prepared for pickup. You will receive a courtesy call to go over all of your results and notify you of the returns completion. At this time you can come pick up the return, and we will e-file your return the next day.

To aid in the process we ask that you bring in a completed tax organizer (link to downloadable form) as well as all supporting documentation, w2, 1099s, 1098s, etc, at the time of your Year-End Individual Taxes appointment.

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