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Accounting Services

Why do you need accounting services?

  • Save time and focus on your business
  • Peace of mind with reporting requirements
  • Better understanding of business profitability with reporting

You are good at running your business, now let Schneider & Stone take the headache of accounting and handle it for you. Think of us as your own personal accounting department.

Monthly Reporting & Bookkeeping Services

At Schneider & Stone we understand the challenges facing a small business.  As a small business owner you are forced to wear many hats, including  sales, information technology, and accountant.  We want you to have more time to concentrate on what you do best.

With this in mind, Schneider & Stone offers a variety of accounting services. We tailor accounting to fit your company’s needs including, but not limited to the following:

Full Service Bookkeeping

This is where we enter each transaction from the source documents you provide us on a monthly basis.  This level of service works best and is economical for the business with a small volume of transactions.  You will be provided with bank reconciliations and financial statements on a monthly basis.

Monthly Accounting Write Up

You enter transactions throughout the month.  At month end, we reconcile your accounts (i.e. bank accounts as well as credit card accounts), make adjusting entries for depreciation, adjust all balance sheet accounts to properly reflect balances (i.e. loan balances), and reclassify income and expense items, if necessary.  You are provided with bank reconciliations and financial statements on a monthly basis.

QuickBooks Support

We can help you set up a new company or clean up your current QuickBooks file.  In addition, we can provide you the training you need to make the most of QuickBooks software.

QuickBooks Hosting

We offer to host your QuickBooks file online.  As a result, you are able to access your secure accounting file from anywhere and so are we.  This enables us to provide you with excellent service if you have a question or need some accounting support throughout the month.

Payroll Reporting

We will prepare all of the necessary payroll filings, such as Forms 941, 940, AZ DES Unemployment Quarterly reports, W-2s and W-3, according to your required filing schedule.  In addition, we prepare your Forms 1099 at year end.

Arizona TPT

Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax (Sales Tax) – We can prepare TPT Returns according to your filing schedule.

Contact us for a consultation to determine what services would help your company take the next step.

Do I need an accountant? Find out now.

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